Im Back!!! :)

Ok. Been so busy lately, and haven’t done a blog in a year! But today I was scrolling through Facebook and i saw someone had posted a blog, and that got me thinking about my blog. Then I had a look on the Facebook page and i was like…Hmmmm I really feel like writing a blog. So here it is, just some info and some recipes.

I am so sorry i haven’t done a blog in forever, a-lots been going on in my household, I have recently bought my own cat! So i have been working around the house to pay her off!

I absolutely love her and her personality. <3

I absolutely love her and her personality. ❤

But I have been doing a bit of cooking as mum has been away! Just a little summary of what we had:

Chicken Schnitzel
Pork Sausages with kebabs
And tonight we just had pizza.

So thats pretty much it, but i really want to get into making my blogs ❤ Have fun ❤ xx



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