My Surprise!

Late last year , Mum was going to take me somewhere very special…..But I had NO idea where she was taking me……

What was it? Where was i going?

There was two thing that i could think of that she was taking me to; Either cooking, or something to do with animals. I thought about it for a while, but then i released that it wouldn’t of been cooking because she let me wear my hair out: She NEVER lets me wear my hair out when I’m cooking (even though she does sometimes :|)

We finally arrived outside the…..Casa Barilla Cooking School!!

I was so excited!

These are some of the yummy products our Chef used x

I really think you should buy some of these products and try them. They also have great recipes on each packet.

I enjoyed going out to the Barilla Kitchen and watching Chef cook with products that I had never heard of.

Enjoy Love Bex x


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