Hi Foodies and welcome to another day in my kitchen,

Firstly, I need to let you all know that my Mum will be helping me publish my blogs for a little while as school goes back after 3 weeks holidays and as I am now in 6th class and have lots of homework, I do not have as much time. But I will continue to do my own baking and blogging and Mum will just make sure it gets published.

Not long before my twelfth birthday when Mum was out shopping for ALL the presents I had asked for, she stumbled across yet another cookbook. This time it is for Cake Pops. Cake Pops were originally invented by a lady in the USA who goes under the name Bakerella, she came up with these cute little critters made up of crumbled cake, combined with cream cheese so they could be rolled into balls, or other shapes like chickens, stars and Babushka dolls, there are SO many things you can do with these little cakes to make them unique to you and what ever reason you are making them for.

Mum ended up leaving that book behind and instead buying me the Whoopie Cake book for my big sister Jessie to give to me… BUT, last week when Jessie was at the Mall she bought the book from BIG W anyways, it is not Bakerellas cookbook as they had sold out, but one with the same little cake pops, but its not the best one.

Made with love - Cake POPS

So, we set out to make these little cuties, I searched the internet for candy melts, what are these you ask? Well, thats why I had to search the internet and I discovered that they are pretty much chocolate that come in every colour you can imagine. They even have colorings to add to them to make even more colours.

Mum discovered a supplier of lolly pop sticks and candy melts however you can use paddle pop sticks if this is easier. The supplier called Something for Cake and it was only a ten minute drive but we have since found out that you can buy at Spotlight and of course you could always use Nestle Choc melts.

We pull ourselves out of our winter warm beds, get dressed and set off on Friday morning with our shopping list. We needed lolly pop sticks, candy melts and edible decorations. We find that we can buy everything we need from Something for Cake and head home to decorate our pre made cake pops. Mum & Jessie decided they HAD to help decorate cause it looked like so much fun. Now this is fine, if it was just Mum cause she is creative but Jessie on the other hand is a tad crazy and in her own little non creative world.

Jessie's unique Cake Pop

The Beginning: – we made a chocolate cake by scratch, but you can use a packet mix if easier or your favourite cake recipe. It can be chocolate or plain or once you get the hang of these you can try anything you want.

Once the cake was cooked and cooled, we placed it in the food processor to crumble the cake into fine crumbs. We then moved it to the kitchen whiz and added 70g cream cheese and 140g of icing sugar. Blend until a nice smooth shiny dough type consistency.

Roll into 25g balls (we measured them so they were all the same). Put on tray and in fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight so they are nice and firm.

Rolled Cake Pop Balls

Now for the fun part,  It was time to decorate, we had everything we needed ready into little containers and melted the candy melts/chocolate melts and started getting creative.

We dipped the lolly pop stick into some melted chocolate and stuck it a third of the way into the chocolate balls, then dipped the ball (now on it’s stick) into the melted candy chocolate. Do not swirl around or move to much just dip right in until the melt fully covers the balls. Pull out and hold with your left hand close to ball above the container with the chocolate in it and gently tap your left hand with your right hand and you will see excess chocolate dripping off. There will be quite a lot so keep tapping!

The Dipping/Decorating process

Then dip in your chosen decoration it can be sprinkles, edible glitter, icing flowers or other coloured chocolate to make whatever you want to. (For full recipe for chocolate balls please leave a comment in the below section and I will forward to you).

So here you have it SNAP crackle CAKE POPS.

Our bouquet of POPS!

Enjoy Love Bex


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